$10 Rework
12” single/download
Real Soon, released 11th November 2022

Purchase here via Bandcamp 
Ultramarine & Anna Domino meet again for a reworking of their collaborative track $10 Heel.

The song originally appeared on the Ultramarine album Signals Into Space (Les Disques du Crépuscule, 2019). $10 Rework replaces the urgent, jittery rhythm of the original with a straighter House backbone and then proceeds to disassemble the structure with a pair of freestyle, hands-on-the-desk, on-the-fly dub mixes.

Anna Domino's stream-of-consciousness lyrics tell the impressionistic tale of post-club after-hours chaos in Times Square, NYC circa 1979. Anna raps off studio equipment brand names like passing neon signs glimpsed in a blur through a taxi cab window.

Anna Domino, 1979

$10 Rework is available via Bandcamp and in record stores (distributed by Word And Sound).